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Stay In Nanny (Full Time – Minimum Booking 14, 21, or 28 Days)
Day Time Nanny (Part Time 8am to 6pm – Minimum Booking 14, 21, or 28 Days)
Night Time Nanny (Part Time 9pm to 7am – Minimum Booking 14, 21, or 28 Days)

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Experienced Nanny, Exceptional Service

At Xpress Confinement Nanny, we understand that every family has its own rhythm and needs. Our purpose is to truly connect with and provide for those unique needs. By choosing us, you’re inviting not just support, but a caring presence and a devoted caregiver who genuinely prioritises the well-being of your family.

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We are on a Mission.

Supporting Mothers & Their Precious Ones with Trusted, Premium Care.

We are on a Mission.

Supporting Mothers & Their Precious Ones with Trusted, Premium Care.

A Commitment to Quality Care

Our Services

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Live-in or Part-time Confinement Nannies

Grounded in our profound understanding of domestic and family needs, our confinement nannies undergo dedicated training and receive continual knowledge refreshers. This dedication ensures they’re always prepared to offer compassionate and contemporary care tailored for today’s families.

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Nutritional Care

True recovery goes beyond simple rest. With deep understanding in postnatal nutrition, our confinement nannies create meals tailored for the new mother that aligns with her taste and healing journey, promoting the best of health and recovery.

confinement nanny agency

Domestic Helper Matching Service

Motherhood is a journey of warmth and bonding. We’ll be your support during this special period, giving you uninterrupted moments to rest, recover and connect deeply with your newborn.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Prenatal massage provides relief for expectant mothers, alleviating discomfort and stress during pregnancy, while postnatal massage aids in the recovery journey after childbirth. Both massages aim to support your overall well-being during and after the transformative journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

Steps to Engage Our Services

Reach Out to Us

Speak with our dedicated team to learn more of the services best suited to your needs.

Secure Your Nanny

Upon confirmation of your booking, discover the exclusive partner services we offer for a full suite of confinement services and beyond.

The Big Day

Contact us 24 hours before your delivery and we will kickstart the deployment of your dedicated confinement nanny.

Why Trust Xpress Confinement Nanny?

At Xpress Confinement Nanny, our nannies embody both skill and compassion, ensuring the well-being of both mother and child. Their proficiency encompasses gentle baby massages, safety protocols, and offering dedicated support to new mothers, prioritising care at every turn.

Structured Training Syllabus
Our comprehensive syllabus includes 120 hours of theory and practical training covering good hygiene, baby massage, monitoring baby’s milk intake and sleeping patterns, guiding mum on breast-feeding, baby safety and cooking. Our nannies are also sent for refresher courses to keep up-to-date with training practices.
Seamless Transition for Your Caregiving Needs
As the post-confinement journey unfolds with its unique challenges, we are by your side. Whether it’s assistance in finding a domestic helper or other tailored needs, we provide seamless and heartfelt support.
Access to Partner Services

Our services extend beyond just the confinement period, we have an extensive network of partner services that are curated only for clients of Xpress Confinement Nanny. Mum, baby and family can enjoy the various offerings in the journey of your little cherub’s first year and beyond.

Enjoy These Perks with Xpress Confinement Nanny

We offer a wide network of partner services that have been hand-picked especially for you, so our services go beyond the confinement period. As you journey through your little cherub’s first year and beyond with your family and loved ones, create memories with our partner service providers.

Baby swimming trial class

Catering voucher for baby’s full month or birthday celebration

Newborn photoshoot

Event space rental

*Terms and conditions apply

Peace of Mind, Every Moment: Expert Mother and Baby Care You Can Trust

Your Pressing Concerns, Addressed

We have gathered some popular frequently asked questions. If you have any questions in mind, do reach out to us!

What is a Confinement Nanny?
A Confinement Nanny is trained in postpartum care for mother and baby. Skilled in handling newborns, cooking curative meals for mum, advising mum on baby care and self-care post-delivery, a Confinement Nanny is a new mum’s essential partner in navigating the first steps in motherhood. 
Why should I consider hiring a Confinement Nanny?
Parenthood, be it for first-time parents or even parents of larger families is challenging. Having an experienced and mature confinement nanny to help navigate the exhausting and busy period post-delivery. A confinement nanny lends harmonious support in the household and relieve parents of caring for baby.
How much does it cost to hire a confinement nanny?

At Xpress Confinement Nanny, we charge a booking fee of S$1000 and not more than S$3,800 for a 28-day package.

Why should we choose Xpress Nannies?
We have stringent hiring processes and we also assess their performance based on feedback to ensure that our quality is never compromised. Our nannies undergo 120 hours of training before deployment. In between assignments, they will also attend refresher courses at our agency.
How does Xpress Confinement Nanny Agency match the best nanny for you?
We will match the best nanny for you based on profile, requirement and your estimated delivery date (EDD).
When should you hire a confinement nanny?

You can commence after the first trimester or minimum 3 months before your estimated due date (EDD).

Can my confinement nanny's services be extended?
Yes, it is possible if advanced notification is given. We encourage our clients to confirm the extension no more than 14 days after the confinement nanny is deployed.
Can I request for an English-speaking Nanny?
Yes, you can. It’s important to note that while our nannies can communicate in basic English, it’s not their primary language. Most of them are fluent in Mandarin and can also converse in selected Chinese dialects. Rest assure that we will make every effort to accommodate your language preferences.
If I do not find the nanny compatible, can I ask for a replacement?

Before finding a replacement, we will have an interview with both the nanny and yourself to understand where the shortcoming lies. If mediation is not an option, we will replace a new nanny for you. Our clients are guaranteed two complimentary replacements within the 28-day confinement period.

What do you mean by 'recency'?
To be an Xpress Confinement Nanny, our nannies need to maintain not more than 3 months of absence from the job. This is to ensure that they are up-to-date with new policies, practices and to be mentally and physically fit for the job.
What other advantages does Xpress Confinement Nanny offer?

Our clients enjoy special discounts with partners offering a range of pre-and-post natal massage services, baby spa, an exclusive Baby Full-Moon buffet menu from a popular caterer, event venue hiring.

How can Xpress Confinement help me find a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)?

We will liaise with our parent company, Xpress Group Pte Ltd, to assist you with finding a suitable FDW. Xpress Group Pte Ltd has been in business since 2010 and over 4,500 families have benefited from their services.

Can I employ a helper (FDW) at the same time as a Confinement Nanny?
Certainly! You can indeed hire both a confinement nanny and a domestic helper simultaneously. They bring different skill sets to the table. Having both during your confinement month allows for the efficient allocation of tasks related to household chores and caregiving. This arrangement enables them to focus on their specific roles effectively.
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